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Chemin des Bleuets - 73550 MERIBEL MOTTARET

Lunes hasta Sabado : 9-12 / 14-18.

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    What’s new in 2015/2016?

    We keep offering more and more…

    Meribel Valley keeps improving its equipments to enjoy even more the world’s largest ski area!

    Children and beginners have found their paradise!
    Right in the centre of Méribel-Mottaret, come to discover the fully-protected new areas dedicated to learning ski. 2 conveyors (Ourson and Doron) and their slopes are easily accessible from the centre of Mottaret. A brand-new area equipped with a draglift and a conveyor will open opposite the residences of Le Hameau!

    Good news for sledge lovers!
    Two sledge areas will be installed at the very heart of Mottaret this winter; free and fully protected from the flows of skiers, they will host the afficionados of sledging and laughters! Opened every day during the season and by all weather, those areas will even be hosting, one or twice a week, night sledging sessions starting from the brand-new Combes chairlift !

    Stay connected when you’re disconnecting!
    Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram… we all want to share our best moments with our close-ones. To make it easier for you, the resort will soon deploy WIFI throughout the ski area with specially-designed venues to take original snaps!

    The Alpine Skiing

    Historically, the model of happiness.

    The ski area of the Three Valleys is the largest ski area in the world, with over 600 km of tracks all interrelated. Méribel valley is surrounded by the central valley of Courchevel and that of Belleville. At the top of our valley is Méribel, which is the point of intersection of all the routes of the 3 valleys.

    Thanks to its construction studied, Méribel is a ski resort nearly 100% on skis. A great track that descends on the snow front, passes along all the main residences of the resort.

    French ski school

    Infos, Booking :

    ESF Méribel – Maison du Tourisme
    BP 17 – 73551 MERIBEL CEDEX
    Tél : +33 (0)4 79 00 49 49
    Fax : +33 (0)4 79 08 60 80
    Mail : esfmeribel@wanadoo.fr
    Web : esf-meribel.com

    Exclusive Skipass Prices (5 to 20% discount)

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    Ski Rental

    Indicative prices from our partners.

    Ski rentals
    Pack = skis/snowboard + boots for 6 days
    Public price
    Our deal
    Adult Black pack - good and very good skiers
    Adult Red pack - good skiers
    Adult Blue pack - beginners
    Adult Black Pack Snowboard
    Junior Black Pack (-12 years-old)
    Junior Red Pack (-12 years-old)
    Junior Blue Pack (-12 years-old)
    Pack Snowboard Juniors (-12 years-old)
    Pack kids (-6 years-old)

    Cross Country skiing

    Breathe in the 3 Valleys.
    Meribel, Courchevel and La Tania offer 90 km of slopes for cross-country skiing, with 33 miles Meribel. You can remove the special plans in the Tourist Offices, and the receipt of the agency.
    Do not miss the walk around Lake Tueada the heart of the natural reserve of Arolla pine.



    Historically, the expression of freedom.

    New snowsports changing from year to year to always bring you more fun and safety. The three valleys, particularly the Meribel Valley, are particularly well equipped for snowboarding. Many areas are dedicated and 2 snowparks await you.

    DC Area 43

    Dans la combe des Plattières.

    Family Park

    Sur la piste des Verdons à Courchevel

    The Three Valleys

    The largest ski area in the world
    Les trois vallées
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    Meribel in the heart of the 3 Vallees

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    Presentation of Meribel

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