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Chemin des Bleuets - 73550 MERIBEL MOTTARET

Lunes hasta Sabado : 9-12 / 14-18.

    Mottaret Guía

    Mottaret neighborhoods

    Mottaret’s neighborhoods stretch between 1700 and 1800m.

    Mottaret centre is the lower part of Le Laitelet and is in the heart of Mottaret with its many shops and restaurant.
    Bus stops: Office du tourisme, Orionde.

    Le Laitelet is all the area between Mottaret centre and Le Hameau. Mainly residential and on the slopes, it is also accessible by the teleporte des Chalets, middle station and by bus.
    Bus stops: Téléporté, Provères, Laitelet.

    Le Chatelet separated from Laitelet by the ski slopes, it has many shops and restaurants. The kindergarten is in this area and you also have a direct access to the nordic ski tracks from there. You can access to the lake of Tueda by the snow path, which leaves directly from the center of Chatelet.
    Bus stop: Chatelet.

    Le Hameau at the top of the resort with quick access by teleporte des chalets. It hosts a commercial area with shops and restaurants. During high season, there is also a cashier window for the ski passes.
    Bus stops: Arolles, Hameau.

    On Mottaret, most of our homes are on ski-in/ski-out, and the traffic is behind the buildings through metal stairs, which offers a quiet and serenity unmatched in the 3 Valleys.
    Resort Map
    Photo-map with useful information

    We now propose a service of WIFI by 4G in our apartments thanks to “Travel WIFI” devices. They allow up to 10 devices to be connected to the network.
    The price for renting the device is €50/week. You may order it directly on our extra services online or by contacting us directly.

    Arrivals and departures on Saturday

    It is the day of departure and arrival.

    Saturdays, Mottaret can associate with an anthill in which we would inadvertently gave a kick. The apartments must be vacated by 10 am and will be available for the following tenants at 17 hours. What’s happening between 10:00 and 17 o’clock? Ants are agitated and snap back in place the entire structure will allow the newcomer to enjoy his vacation (cleaning apartments, laundry delivery, ski preparation). At night everything back to normal as if no change had taken place.

    If you arrive before 17h or 10h after you leave, please take advantage of this day to go skiing (that is the quietest day of the week). You may drop off your bags at the premises of our agency.

    If you arrive by car, traffic information will inform you of the status of roads and traffic intensity. Avoid traffic jams and take the time to visit France. Planning steps before you leave, there is so much to see along the way. Do not forget to equip your car for snow before arriving in resort.
    If you arrive by plane or train, plan to book your transfer to the resort.
    See our Access and Transport page.


    Moving into the resort

    Being well informed is to avoid worries.

    By car

    By dry conditions you can move relatively easily from one end to the other station. However, remember to use the free shuttle service. Do not attempt to drive on snow without equipment by saying “it will pass”, it goes rarely!
    If it’s cold start your car one day before leaving the station. If your battery shows signs of weakness even more signals at all, you’ll have a day to get you out.

    Car Park

    Nearby homes you will find free parking (not covered). Only center car station are paying.
    During busy periods, board, park the car in the first place you find, leave your car there and go around by bus the rest of your stay.
    Pay parking under video surveillance is available at Hamlet.
    We also offer holiday parking garage.
    To do this, check directly with the agency.

    By bus

    A free shuttle is provided liaison between the different parts of the resort, and one can reach Méribel Centre.
    In service from 8:20 to 20h, they spend approximately every 20-30 minutes.
    In the evening, from 20h to 23h30 shuttles only spend every hour.
    Avoid rush hour, from 16.30 to 17.30, as the buses are filled with skiers.
    Ask for a map and schedules Méribus upon arrival.

    Taxi or gondola

    You will find in the resort of many taxis or transport providers.
    By cons, we do not catch on the fly in the street, so remember to book, especially in high season.
    A teleported installed close to the center of the resort is the liaison between all parts of Mottaret, and allows easy access to Le Hameau de Mottaret (the area above). Teleporte of Crhalets is open from 8:45 to 19:30.


    Going to ski

    Discover the benefits of a ski-in/ski-out resort.

    Mottaret allow you to discover the benefits of a ski resort to the feet, you can not pass up this privilege later!
    Indeed, most of our homes are on skis. It’ll just fit or walk a maximum of 300 meters, you are in a flash on the largest ski area in the world!
    Listen R’Meribel (97.9 and 98.9) every morning and you’ll have all the information on open slopes, weather, temperature, snow conditions.
    Avoid starting between 9:30 and 10:30, ski between 12 h and 14 h.
    Plans of the tracks are available in every station or reception, and advise you on itineraries depending on your level of skiing.
    Every ski you’ll find displayed the avenues to avoid waiting at the lifts and groomed overnight.
    Learn about the latest departures for returns on Courchevel, Les Menuires and Val Thorens.
    Look at the thermometer before you go and equip yourself accordingly. If you do not have a thermometer, stay on the balcony for 10 minutes to test your resistance to cold.
    Wearing a helmet is compulsory for children and recommended for adults, especially if you tend to transform into “free rider” or snowball.
    Do check the adjustment of your bindings and the condition of your skis before your first ride.
    Feel free to take ski lessons: they are the most proficient skiers who enjoy the most.
    Preferably, stay on marked trails. If you insist on going off track, ask about the stability of the snowpack before following the footsteps and be accompanied by preference.
    Whoever did the pretty color that can be seen through the window of the gondola was perhaps completely unconscious or these traces are from the day before.
    Some ski schools offer trips off-piste skiing, do not hesitate to take lessons with them, they will give you all the tips for you to be comfortable in the backcountry.
    Off-piste remains dangerous, be careful!

    Pre Book

    And get discounts.

    Book your ski pass:
    For white weeks, enjoy our all-inclusive offers and get discounts.
    For other periods: order your package and have it delivered to the agency.
    Book your ski lessons:
    For your ski lessons, as for your ski equipment, it is essential to pre-book (especially during school holidays).


    Be sure to ask at our reception.

    Banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday. So there is no possibility to change money before Monday morning.
    You can find available in the center of the resort, two retailers accepting all major credit cards.

    Internet access: in tourist offices. And for our customers in the residence Plein Soleil.